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Living Wage Takes Center stage
Molly Zelvonberg

December 15, 2011
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IF you think New York City is where its happening, think again, one of the most expensive cities in America San Fransico has become one of the first cities in the nation to bring the minimum wage to top $10. Back in 2003 a proposition was assessed that required the minimum wage to increase each year to the rate of inflation and the cost of living.

According to the San Fransico living wage coalition a single adult without children in the that city would be $15, which would double with one child or more. The lowest paid workers currently will hit $10.24, which is more then $2 above the California minimum and nearly $3 more than what was set by the federal government.

Currently there is legislation introduced that would ban the government from requiring higher wages above the $7.25 federal minimum. In the city of Memphis, contractors are required to pay at least $10.27 per hour with benefits or $12.32 without, the legislation introduced would repeal that. The labor law center states the dollar amount reflects cpi, federal wage increase or cost of living.

The debate: Would it drive businesses out of New York City?

When it comes to addressing minimum wage in the city of New York the debate turns the issue to whether or not it would drive business away from the city. The value of the current minimum wage has decreased due to the cost of living. Legislation has been introduced to increase the living wage in New York City for companies receiving taxpayer subsidies.

Margaret S. Chin New York City Council member, District 1 makes some important observations on the issues about living wages in New York City. According to The Fiscal Policy Institute mentioned in Miss Chin's article which points out what has happened since the recession began has only underscored that great difference in incomes only means great despair for many New Yorkers.