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Diaz Celebrates New Living Wage Poll
Bronx Press Politics

December 14, 2011
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City residents are overwhelmingly in favor of a living wage bill, a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday found. This comes as good news for Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., one of the leading supporters of a living wage.

“The people of New York City have made it clear, again and again, not only that they support a ‘living wage’ law, but that they reject the arguments put forward by our opponents that this bill will hurt business. The ‘Fair Wages for New Yorkers’ Act makes sense for our City, and it is time for this bill to be made law,” Diaz said in a statement.

Bronx City Council members G. Oliver Koppell and Annabel Palma introduced the living wage bill on the behest of Diaz last year. Since then, Council Speaker Christine Quinn has been hesitant to lend her support to the bill, refusing to let the bill be voted on.

From the Quinnipiac report:

The "Living Wage" proposal currently before the New York City Council is a "good idea," voters say 74 - 19 percent. Support is 56 - 39 percent among Republicans, 83 - 11 percent among Democrats and 67 - 25 percent among independent voters.

Voters say 81 - 17 percent, including 60 - 39 percent among Republicans, that it is the government's responsibility to make sure workers are paid a decent wage.

New York City voters reject 56 - 36 percent the argument that a "Living Wage" bill would drive jobs out of the city. Women reject the argument 62 - 30 percent while men reject it by a narrower 49 - 44 percent.

A living wage bill would force certain companies that receive taxpayer money pay their employees at least $10.00/hr with benefits or $11.50 without.

This is the second time that a poll has shown major support for both the “Fair Wages for New Yorkers” Act and the concept of a “living wage.” In May, a poll by Baruch College Survey Research was released, showing that New Yorkers overwhelmingly support such “living wage” laws. That survey showed that 78 percent of New Yorkers agreeing with the idea, while just 15 percent did not. This includes 83 percent of all Democrats, 74 percent of independents and 56 percent of Republicans.