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An opinion of 'living wage' legislation depends what page you're on
Capital New York
Azi Paybarah

November 23, 2011
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The debate over the proposed "living wage" legislation, which would require private companies to pay higher wages to employees at locations developed with the help of public subsidies, isn't just happening inside the New York City Council.

Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez describes it as the latest fight to lift low-wage workers out of the cycle of poverty, and a continuation of a battle set off by the Bronx Borough President who opposed the mayor's plan at Kingsbridge Armory.

But the News' editorial page, the News comes out flatly against the bill, arguing that it's the city, not the private companies, who would really be paying for the workers' higher salaries.

"[F]orcing salaries up only increases the cost of a project -- and thus the public contribution."

On the op-ed page, Harlem councilwoman Inez Dickens explains why she supported the original bill earlier, but now opposes the bill because it goes too far (despite the fact it was scaled back to apply only to larger businesses).

The whole debate, neatly encapsulated inside one newspaper today.