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Living Wage Gets NAACP Support
New York Daily News
Erin Einhorn

November 1, 2011
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Civil rights group plans Nov. 21 rally to back bill

A local living wage battle has become a national civil rights issue, with NAACP President Ben Jealous vowing to campaign for the issue in New York.

“New York City is the nation’s greatest city and also has the greatest level of income inequality,” Jealous told the Daily News Monday. If we re going to turn things around in this nation . . . and get to a place where a rising tide lifts all boats, then we ve got to stop New Yorkers from drowning and try to get more New Yorkers heads above water.

Jealous plans to headline a Nov. 21 rally to support a City Council bill that would require companies that get city subsidies to pay their workers at least $10 an hour plus benefits better pay than the state s minimum wage.

The bill is opposed by Mayor BloombergIt. It has the backing of most City Council members.

Jealous joins the Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King 3d, the son of the slain civil rights icon, in backing the local measure.